The Technological Man

Mans ambition for knowledge is vast and like none other; only to be restricted by the technology he creates. For Man searches deep into the unknown for answers that he cannot fathom. For the answers he seeks for, are not found in Man but in God.


3 responses to “The Technological Man

  1. God gave man the authority to take dominion of the earth and everything in it…man has used his God-given wisdom to do just that. The outcomes have both been good and bad. Technology is one of those man-made inventions that has produced good and bad in every aspect of life. Whilst it has advanced the sciences, mathematics, communication, engineering, architecture, transportation, education, medicine and lots more, it has also been the destruction of man and the planet that God gave him authority over.
    In man’s search for answers to solve the problems he has created, man looks for answers within his own ability and finds that he is lacking, limited. As he looks at the things that God created, it dawns on him that man has used his observation of God’s designs for centuries, to create the technology that will advance man’s existence on the planet he was instructed to subdue. However, as man became ambitious and greedy, he ignored his God-given responsibility as God’s steward on this planet, and turned his back on the laws of nature and the source of all life and wisdom, Almighty God!
    Man has become so dependent on technology thinking that it is the answer to everything, but now has to acknowledge that it is not, in fact it is the cause of natural and man-made disasters, so catastrophic, that mankind is doomed. What are the solutions?
    The solution is with God Almighty Creator of Heaven and Earth. Man must first of all acknowledge and believe that he was created in the likeness and image of God by God himself, to take dominion of all his creations, and to be in fellowship with him. The Holy Bible is the book of instructions, it is the drawing board of life, it is God’s manual for mankind. This book is the inspired work of God through his chosen ones…it is the living word of God…it is alive and as man searches for answers the Holy Spirit of God will guide him to all truths…
    In conclusion, I agree with the statement that the answer is with God for he is the Creator, and not with man, for man is a created being and is limited in what he knows and what he is able to do, but not so with God.


  2. Like I said before: “got to love this one!!” – well said, firmly spoken. Proud of you Lil’ bro!

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