Nike Flyknit Collective Beijing Feather Pavilion

The connections are centered on the Shoe Design

Feather pavilion designed by Taiwanese architect Huang Qian Zhi; a.k.a Arthur Huang. The first installment of the feather pavilion has bee seen at the festival of sport event in Shanghai where nike and arthur’s firm Miniwiz, created the 2 corridors to house two halves of the feather pavilion, but in a not-yet-performing state, and only used to serve as a backdrop for workshops focusing on the Nike Flyknit innovation. During Beijing Design Week, the feather pavilion has been unveiled in its entire and fully performing state, installed in a tank, a restored 7,000-gallon oil drum in the middle of the city’s newest design sector, the 751D-park, in the Chaoyang district. Link to Article (


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