If Architecture Was A Woman by Penaia Kadavulevu

 Architecture, how beautiful you are in all your splendour and glory….

You are symmetrical, you are proportional and you are well designed from head to toe.Your lines and your curves mesmerise me.

You don’t dwell on the past, but embrace it and move onward to what is to be.

But Architecture, you have but almost just killed me.

For now i see the light and the devil is truly in your details.

As the storm of assignments begin to rain down on us, it has slowly washed away your makeup and has revealed to me who you truly are.


You drain me of all my money, energy and time.

And have made my sleepless nights not an inch from sublime.

I hope one day i will be able to charge you for all this

May it be by lump sum, joint venture or just another contract fee?

Finally Architecture you will work for me!!!


In my Poetic Stance


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